3 myths about filtered water
December 28, 2018
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Filtering jug – why is it worth having one?

Filtering jugs have become very popular and have been accompanying us in our kitchens for many years now. We care for health in many different ways, we are active, we practice sports, we eat healthy food. We also pay more attention to the protection of the natural environment. Reducing the costs of running a household is worth noticing, too. Filtering water at home perfectly fits these trends, which slowly become a lifestyle, not just a temporary fashion. Here are some reasons why it is woth using a filtering jug.

Health above all

Filtering water using jugs with a carbon filter guarantees that we use clean, healthy water. Even water cleaned in water purification plants can be contaminated while travelling through water supply system, especially in old buildings. Water can get mechanical impurities, such as sand or rust, as well as chemical ones, such as heavy metals or plant protection chemicals. Filtering jugs easily remove such impurities, so we can drink water from them without boiling. Filters also remove the chlorine taste and odor from water. However, thanks to the water hardness reduction properties, there will be no limescale that could spoil the taste of beverages and appear on dishes.

Let’s take care of the environment

Filtering jug will serve us many years. Filters are fully recyclable. The quality of filtered water gives no way to the water bought in stores.It all means that we can completely eliminate bottled water from our lives. It saves even more than 25 kg of plastic, which we throw out annually, just in the form of water bottles. By drinking filtered water at home, we reduce the amount of rubbish and save on the costs of their disposal.

The advantage in the wallet

By drinking filtered water at home, we can easily save up to several hundred zlotys a year. It is enough that we pour regular tap water into our jug instead of buying bottled water to drink. Clean, safe water is at your fingertips, without having to go to the store and, above all, without spending money to buy water. Filtered water is also softer than tap water, which reduces limescale, e.g. in a kettle or iron. This extends the life of home appliances, which means we rarely need to buy a new device.

These are just a few of the benefits of having a filtering jug. It’s worth using it in your own home.

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