Filtering bottle – a perfect gadget for the summer
Filtering bottle implement – a perfect gadget for the summer
December 21, 2018
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A glass filtering jug – is it worth buying?

A glass filtering jug - is it worth buying

Making the decision about buying a filtering device, we can choose from many options available on the market. Jugs with a filter cartridge are easily available in many stores and online, where you can also find a detailed description of their properties (capacity, material from which the jug was made, types of filters, etc.).

Types of jugs

Jugs are made of two types of materials: glass or plastic. All substances used in production are appropriately tested and approved for contact with food and drinking water. The materials used in the production are new, do not come from recycling, and do not contain harmful substances (e.g. bisphenol A). Jugs are therefore safe and you can filter water in them without any worries. Designed with attention to ergonomics, they are available in many shapes, capacities and colours to meet customers’ expectations and allow them to be adapted to different styles of kitchen. They also have non-slip bases, guaranteeing stability on various types of countertops and kitchen surfaces, as well as covers that allow filling without the need of being removed, thanks to which dust does not get into the jug.

What filters?

Both glass jugs and plastic jugs ensure easy filter replacement, all you need to do is just remove the lid. Both types of jugs fit the same types of filters that we can choose depending on our needs. They can be standard filters, thoroughly purifying and softening water, as well as those with additional functions, e.g. mineralizing, which enrich the water with magnesium ions, lowering the pH of water or particularly caring about household appliances (due to increased hardness reduction, which means there is no limescale in water).

What to choose?

The purity of filtered water in jugs is independent on the material from which they were made. Whether you choose a glass jug or a plastic jug depends on your personal preferences. The most important part is the filter and its regular replacement and, of course, taking care of the cleanliness of the device itself. Regardless of the type we choose, we will be guaranteed that the water is tastier, free from unpleasant odors (e.g. chlorine) and safe for health.

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